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HomeWatch Checklist 

At our initial consultation, we provide you with comprehensive HomeWatch Checklists and work through these with you to finalise a customised list for your property. After each inspection, HomeWatch sends you the completed checklist with photos and video if required.

Internal checks include:

  • Hot water switch

  • Run all taps and showers

  • Brush and flush toilets

  • Ants, wasps, spider build-up and rodent activity

  • Mould, mildew, dampness and leaks

  • Range hoods and extractor fans

  • All appliances

  • Switch heat pump on and off

  • Water house plants

  • Lights and lamps

  • Locks, doors and windows

  • Internet access

  • Check power board

  • Cupboards, pantry and wardrobes

  • Dust build up and general cleanliness

  • Houseplant watering

External checks include:

  • Clear mailbox

  • Clear entry way to remove signs of owner absence

  • Sweep/leaf blow decks and external patios

  • Visual inspection of roofs and gutters

  • Water pump and tank water levels

  • Locks, doors and windows

  • Rubbish and recycle bins

  • TV aerial/satellite dish

  • Ants, wasps, spider build-up and rodent activity

  • Remove debris and fallen branches

  • Septic tank alarm and odour level

  • Outdoor furniture, BBQ and lights

  • Check outdoor sleepouts and studios

  • Check boat/pool/spa

  • Check external storage areas

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